Our team

Fairbanks employs enthusiastic cloud engineers and architects. All with OpenStack knowledge, supplemented with various expertise such as virtualization, storage, networking, DevOps, orchestration and backup.


People are the most important link to success. That is why we put our employees first so that they are and remain optimally motivated. With us, the cloud engineers come first. Where knowledge sharing and open communication are the most important core values and where personal input and ideas are valued. Fairbanks is the organization of and for OpenStack professionals.


The management team that facilitates our OpenStack professionals in what they need and continuously encourages them to perform consists of:

Ruud Harmsen, Founder and CEO Fairbanks

“Social networks provide the base of modern businesses. The power of open source developments lies in the diversity of the community”.


Eric Kessels, CTO Fairbanks specialized in OpenStack

“Control over ICT-components is delivered by the software. By detaching the software from the execution, the hardware, software defined architectures enable ICT-organisations to gain back control over the infrastructure”.


Marijn van Heeswijk, COO Fairbanks

“Fairbanks believes “To be your own service provider” is a succesful IT- strategy. We support companies in taking this step. Cloud technologies support and speed up this transition”.