Our partners

John Zannos, VP Cloud Alliances, Canonical said: “Our partnership with Fairbanks expands our ability to reach customers in Europe by using Fairbanks in-depth expertise and experience in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Their experience in open source and cloud solutions ensures the quality of our support and services remains consistent.”

Carlos Carrero – Sr. Principal Product Manager at Veritas Technologies LLC said: “OpenStack is fast gaining traction as the default choice for open source private and public cloud for organisations worldwide with increasing use in production environments. Executing enterprise workloads with high performance and reliability requirements on an OpenStack platform can still be challenging though. For this reason, Veritas has developed a storage solution that addresses the quality of service and ‘noisy neighbour’ challenges customers encounter when deploying their workloads on OpenStack. The result, Veritas™ HyperScale for OpenStack ensures organisations can have the performance and resiliency they need on OpenStack for all of their applications. With its extensive experience in cloud technology and OpenStack deployments, Fairbanks has provided valuable input into the product development. With over two decades of storage management software leadership, Veritas created HyperScale for OpenStack to be a massively scalable software defined storage system that delivers Veritas’ enterprise-class capabilities to OpenStack deployments. As a long standing partner of Veritas and an experienced OpenStack implementation expert, Fairbanks is playing an important role in helping bring the solution to customers.”

Enrico Gaetani, HPE EMEA Cloud Marketing said: “Our partnership with Fairbanks increases our ability to help the Dutch clients with open source solutions such as OpenStack to avoid the vendor lock-in by using Fairbanks vision and HPE Helion OpenStack.”

Jeroen Hagen, Channel Director for Dell and responsible for the partner channel in the Netherlands, says: “Dell provides with its OpenStack solutions an integrated open, cost-effective and highly reliable private or hybrid cloud. For the design and application of our cloud solutions, we value cooperation with our partners greatly. Especially with a partner like Fairbanks, with whom Dell successfully applied software defined datacenter solutions in the Netherlands ever since 2008. Both parties came early on to the conclusion that the innovative power of open source solutions has become an essential part of the future of datacenter technology. Dell has therefore since the beginning been closely involved with the development of OpenStack. We are very pleased with a partner like Fairbanks, who also has gained years of knowledge and experience on cloud solutions. That’s enables us to combine new technologies in a proven cooperation.”

Kash Iftikhar, vice president of sales and business development at PLUMgrid said: “Fairbanks is not only a leader in their region and market segment, but they’re also leading in the OpenStack community, both in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. It made perfect sense to partner with Fairbanks, leveraging our companies strengths to reach new customers, together.”

Rob Bloemendal, Regional sales manager Benelux and Nordics said: “Nexenta likes working together with Fairbanks, especially because they distinguish themselves within the software defined storage market. On top of the excellent storage solutions, Fairbanks offers our customers also added value. Fairbanks removes the threshold to step into software defined storage.”

Rekha Raju at the VMware Partner Network Team said: “Fairbanks is a VMware Solutions Provider whose primary business model is value-added reselling and services delivery. Their offerings include the design, planning and deployment of complex virtualization solutions to meet the need of their customers.”

Symantec EMEA Channel Programs said: “Fairbanks has reached the status of Silver Partner at Symantec, specializing in “Mid-Market Backup and Recovery Competency. Partners achieving the Mid-Market Backup and Recovery Competency, such as Fairbanks, offer enterprise-class data protection solutions for SMB and mid-market firms that keep management cost low while providing high functionality – especially as they increase their use of virtualized environments and appliances platforms.”

The Partner Manager Microsoft says: “Fairbanks is a certified Microsoft partner, with the competence ‘Silver Hosting’. Silver Hosting Partners like Fairbanks have proved to have the knowledge and practical experience to help their customers to configure, monitor, and manage a stable private cloud environment, based on Microsoft products. Because of this, Fairbanks is a professional Microsoft partner and therefore capable to support their customers on both technical and license advisory level.”