Use cases

Innovative datacenter in Entertainment & Media

To drastically change the economy in their datacenter, a large broadcasting organization in the Netherlands searched for a cloud infrastructure for the broadcasting, streaming and storage of their varied sized media files. Fairbanks compared independently various cloud storage platforms on various hardware labels for this customer.

More details

Fairbanks implemented OpenStack and Ceph, designed representative performance tests and executed them on several software and hardware platforms, implemented optimizations, and made comparisons with alternatives such as GlusterFS. All these comparisons yielded extreme savings in the time and cost of broadcasting huge media files. The customer selected the underlying generic hardware layer, OpenStack as the cloud and virtualization (compute) platform and GlusterFS as the cloud storage platform. In the end, the customer chose a file system storage solution (GlusterFS) because the primary media application needed a file system overhead. As block- and object-storage, Ceph couldn’t (yet) comply to this.

Performance analyse 
video on demand

A large telecom/ broadcasting organization in the Netherlands was in 2015 looking for an affordable and scalable replacement of the existing SAN storage system. The storage system is intended for the storage of screenshots of video on demand and streaming services. The customer implemented Ceph on generic hardware but experienced problems with the optimization, stability and performance. Fairbanks analyzed the problems and performance resulting in an optimization of the environment.

The video on demand is using the new storage platform nationwide.

Virtuele Desktop 
(Cloud) Infrastructuur

Several organizations in health care, horticulture and construction were looking for an affordable solution for providing virtual desktops for their employees or affiliates. By giving the employees access to the office applications and information, independent of their location or device, these organizations aim to gain flexibility. But for these organizations Virtual Desktop solutions such as VMWare VDI, Citrix Virtual Desktop and therefore needed hardware were too costly and previously not feasible. Fairbanks developed and implemented a virtual desktop (cloud) infrastructure, powered by the virtualization engine of OpenStack. The hardware requirements are extremely low. Resulting in a low cost, high fidelity VD(C)I.